A Journey Begins - The launch of an aerial apparel brand.

As the sun shares with us the first morning light, we must prepare for another day of challenges that head our way. We put on our best smile and head out into the world, ready to conquer the day.

Many dread their daily routine, which rarely brings moments of self-affirmation and love. But for those who have discovered the world of Aerial Fitness, things are slightly different. They face each day knowing that at some point today or tomorrow, they will have their 'playtime' up in the air.

We started thinking about how all aerialists are slightly different, but at their core, share the same love for aerial. We remember how excited we become when we meet another flyer, how we can talk for hours about training, moves, and combos.

We wanted to create something that can help us aerialists come together, find each other among a crowd, or just let the world know that you do fitness differently.

So here we are, after several months of planning and coordinating, we are ready to bring this boutique brand, made just for aerialists like you. We hope you like what you see and that you join our aerial family.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to look around, drop us a line, or share our site with your aerialist friends.

With all our love
The Vol Du Coeur Team
"Let your heart take flight".

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