When Aerial Takes Over

 Do you remember when Aerial started becoming an obsession?

When suddenly, you 'needed' to train because the time up in the air is one of the few things that gives you the energy to handle everything life throws at you?

Sometimes it's hard to remember when it begun, but there are plenty of ways you can tell that Aerial is taking over your live.

  • Weight management is no longer just about trying to fit any beauty standard. Now it's about getting lighter because you know that every pound lost, helps you 'fly' longer. I think Regina George might have been an aerialist.


  • Gifts for all occasions become aerial themed gifts.
  • When you walk into a place you've never been before, your eyes go up to the ceiling to find the spot where you would hang your apparatus.


  • Aerial themed hashtags start appearing on most of your social media posts.
  • Every other story is you doing something amazing up in the air.
  • The worst part of being injured or sick is that you can't train.

    • Your wardrobe becomes mostly leggings and tank tops.
    • You hang out with your aerial sisters and brothers more and more.

    Why is this? Surely a bit of vanity plays a part. Who wouldn't want to share with the world when you can do something that is truly amazing? But mostly, it's because aerial becomes an obsession, one you can't stop talking about, and sharing,

    How has aerial affected your life? Has it completely taken over your life? Or is it still growing within you?

    The truth is, it does not matter. You can be certain that we will be here, cheering for you as we watch you take flight on your aerial journey.



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